Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Celebration Evening

Well, I got my GCSE results certificates last night. What a silly little ceremony. I mean, why on earth did we have to stand up for those people to walk onto the stage? And that speaker. *Bangs head on wall in frustration* He completely did not know how to use a microphone, and I could hardly hear him most of the time. Wasn't the system, it was working just fine for everyone else. What he was saying was probably fairly ok, least, the bits I heard of it seemed that way, but he just didn't hold his audience well at all. Lots of pompous speeches, pretty much glorifying Wilfrids as the greatest place on the planet. Two head girls, which kind of amused me for a bit. Their speeches had so obviously been doctored though, and pre-approved. That annoyed me, because I know one of them is quite capable of delivering a decent speech, and I'm sure they both could've done much better if they hadn't been forced to read it out. Anyway. I got the results certificate, even if my chair didn't exist for a while, and I got two prizes, which I guess made it worth my while to go. I might never go there again, which is kind of weird seeing as I spent five years of my life going to that place. Still, everything changes, and it's not as though I don't love college.

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