Friday, 12 December 2008

Jimmy Coates: Power

I realised all of a sudden why I love this series so much. It has lots of explosions, big action scenes, and yet it's pretty darn believable. Jimmy Coates is part machine, part human, intended to become an assassin for a Britain of the future where neo-democracy is a codename for dictatorship and the public is controlled through careful manipulation of the media and a common enemy of France. Jimmy is determined that he won't kill people. The government is now determined to kill him. Unfortunately, I missed out the book before, and so it kind of spoilt the plot of the previous one, while also making me desperately want to read it. Jimmy thinks he's dying in this book, and is desperate to try and restore true democary to England before his time runs out. I think this was originally intended to be a trilogy, but unlike Maximum Ride, the extension really works and I'm completely glad it was written. I met Joe Craig when I was at Wilfrids, he came in once, and I loved his talk. I have a signed copy of one of the books--the others I've got from the library. Well, I can't buy every single good book, much as I'd like to. Although the soon to hppen expansion of my book storage space should let me store a good few more. My dad reckons I've about a thousand or so. Gotta go say hello to my mum's cousins or something like that who've come round. See ya soon.

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