Sunday, 21 December 2008

Olympia Horse Show

Wow, it was absolutely fantastic. Went down to London on the train, and saw the Friday afternoon bit. Started out with the young showjumper of the year thing, which was really good. Small dogs agility trials, and you should've seen the little tiny things leaping! Some of them were going twice as high as the jumps they were meant to go over. And the seesaw nearly wouldn't come down on them, because they were about the same weight as the counterweight was. It was the pairs relay, and I was a bit disappointed when one of the dogs who went round without any faults was let down by a partner that got twelve or something like that. Bit of a shame really, but it's a team effort. There was a Shetland Pony Grand National, which was really cute, and impressive. A flying Frenchman who rode with one foot on each of two horses and drove a team as well, going over jumps and round poles. There was another lot of showjumping, with thirteen (I think) going through to the jumpoff, which was really exciting because everyone kept topping each other. And then dancing horses to finish off, which was really neat.

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