Friday, 12 December 2008

Clubbing Together

All right, so it isn't really my kind of book, but I won a signed copy ages ago, and while I was tidying up my bookcases, because dad's just made me a new one and we're kind of rearranging my whole bedroom (well, feels like it) in order to fit in more book space since I have so many, I figured I might as well read it. And it was surprisingly good. I've read the first three of the books (it's an omnibus with the first four After School Club books by Helena Peliechaty (think that's how it's spelt)). Lots of brackets there. Never mind. Anyway. Surprisingly nice. Very well written, though definitely for younger children than me... Probably aimed more at 8-11 or so. Quite interesting and insightful, with very good characters. Maybe a little too happy endingy for my liking, but I'm not really the right age to get the most out of them I don't think. So maybe a good book for younger sisters. A nice quiet calm read, I'll certainly keep hold of it for when I can't sleep in hte middle of the night (James Patterson's books are not the best choice for middle of hte night reading, if they're any good to start with that is--they're of very variable quality. Jack Higgins and Alaistar McLean are a little long too...).

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