Monday, 22 December 2008

The General

Ok, so I cheated. I was going to reread them all in order, but I kind of pulled The General off the shelf to see if I could find out when the newest book's coming out and ended up reading it. Never mind. I'll just read it all over again when I get back up to it. Aww, I'm really annoyed now. Just found out on FantasticFiction that the new Cherub one isn't out until next September. The Henderson's boys books are coming out before that, one in February, one in June. And it looks like it's coming out in hardback first, which is rubbish because I've got all the others in paperback all lined up neatly. Never mind. That's not what I should be talking about, although I suspect I've reveiwed this one before. Anyway, it starts out with James' mission getting a bit mucked up, and he's annoyed that another team made the sting while he was involved, and then he gets sent with a team to help the US Army train in urban warfare tactics and causes havoc by following the slightly unorthodox procedures of an extremely anti-American training instructor. There's the first hint at what he thinks he'll spend the rest of his life doing, as his Cherub days are nearing a close. Looks like the twelfth book might be the last, nooo!!! I really hope it isn't, I love him as a character.

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