Sunday, 21 December 2008

Writing update

So, I haven't really said much about my stories for a while. Nanowrimo finished, I managed to complete One For Sorrow (before version), which was mainly inspired by my English Lit teachers statement that putting two characters in a lift and watching what they do is one of the best ways of getting to know them. Naturally Ash shot his way out...
Since then, I've been working on The Desert Rat (provisional title, really need a better one) which is set in 1916 and 1929 and I think might be starting to get near the end. Might be. Maybe another two days, three days. Although that could easily be another thirty or so chapters...
After that dream about Red, I felt really inspired and did a load more work on To Touch Life. And while I was in London, I got hit with mega-inspiration for it, and now have a major plot thing to work out and fit in somehow or other. Sure I can manage it. It involves the introduction of two new characters, one called Sarah, one called Cam. Cam knows she has to get back to her original home, after having lost pretty much all her memory when she was healed and put back into a different part of heaven (when angels receive a fatal wound, they join a queue to be healed and then get put into a different place with no specific memories, unlike the demons 'time out' style system). Trouble is, she doesn't know where it is, only that it was maybe vaguely near Zion. Sarah explains that she's been looking for her first home too, and discovered that there are hundreds of Zions in heaven, but she agrees to help Cam. After all, it's something to do, isn't it? Little does she know it will bring her into conflict with a massive invasion and occupation force of demons, and cause havoc for Terry and his new girlfriend Sky.
Oh yeh, plus there's that one I posted the start of up before, which I'm feeling inspired for again. So I might do some more work on that. Don't know. Anyway. It's provisionally titled Dream Random, which indicates a severe lack of any title at all to call it by. Hopefully I'll find something if I do actually finish it.

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