Friday, 12 December 2008

Moonraker and Goldfinger

I've been reading the James Bond books recently. I blame my English Lit teacher for listing one of them in the 'fifty books you should read' he gave us at the start of the year. They're surprisingly good. A little sexist, I have to admit, but so are most thrillers from that era. I've not seen the films, but I've heard they're very different. The books are good at any rate. I really enjoyed these two. A little too detailed in the card games at parts, making very little sense to me as I don't play cards, but the attention to detail is, I suppose, admirable. Maybe not my absolute favourite thrillers, but they're good enough that I'm determined to read the whole lot. I'd recomend them to anyone, but be aware that they can be a little too detailed in the 'lesser' aspects of the story, or at least, what I take to be lesser aspects of the story. I have to admit, I think the card game described in the Young Bond series (and so far as I've read up to--haven't yet got a copy of the newest one--there's only been one game described in much detail at all) was done much better. But times have changed, and I really don't follow card games or gambling at all.

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