Friday, 26 December 2008


Wow! I absolutely loved it! Haven't read the book for ages, so I'm not in the best position to comment on how well it followed the book, but apart from the introduction of a love interest which is pretty standard (one of the 40 Thieves, called Farid), and a few slight changes, including to the ending and the role of the elderly aunt, I think it did stay pretty true to the original story. Of course, that's not what really matters. What really matters is how good a film it makes and how good the characters are. Dustfinger was my favourite by a mile. He was soooo awesome! My brother liked the ferret he always had with him the best, but he didn't even notice that it had horns, so I don't know how much attention he was paying. Then again, you wouldn't notice it so much if you didn't know to look for it. Mo was a little weak at times, same with Meggie, but it didn't affect the film overly much. Elinor (the Aunt) was a pretty impressive character. Maybe a little stereotypical, but played well. Farid was an interesting one too, especially because I don't remember him from the book at all. The plot was good. It's about a bookbinder, Mo, who has the ability to bring things from stories into our world. However, there is an exchange. Something, or someone, must go back into that world. And when he accidentally read out characters from the book Inkheart, his wife disappeared into the book. He is captured by the evil villain of the book, and made to read out first gold, and then, later, the worst creature of all, though he escapes and that duty falls to his daughter, Meggie, who is left to save the day. And her mother...

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