Monday, 29 December 2008


Oh yeh, I just realised I never wrote about Christmas properly. Got up at 6:20, not actually intending to get up until my brother came charging up and saying 'Merry Christmas, have you opened your stocking'. Apparantly, he opened his at exactly one second past midnight (as he has a radio controlled clock, it will have been exact...). So then we tootled downstairs, and then James wanted to go wake mum and dad up. I persuaded him it would be worth taking them up a cup of tea at the same time... So. After breakfast, we chilled out for a bit (James did not appreciate), then opened all our presents. Got two Delirious? CDs off my parents, they're really good. I especially like Glo. Was supposed to be getting a subscription to the BBC history magazine, but the company screwed up. Don't know if I'll still get it. What else? Quite a few WHSmiths vouchers and some money, chocolate, and a gorgeous little dragon Rachael made for me. So cute!

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