Sunday, 21 December 2008


It's in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child, and I love his books. They're so descriptive, and plenty of action too. Very realistic settings, and Reacher is such a great character. I only realised last night how much he's impacted on Ash as a character. They've got the same drifter lifestyle, though I don't reckon it goes much beyond their fear of settling down. Ash is a bit more like Sean Dillon only a little rougher maybe, and certainly younger. But that's besides the point. Tripwire is a very interesting tale, with Reacher drawn into a pretty intriguing mystery, chasing after an elderly couples missing son, supposedly held captive in Vietnam still, victims of a scam. But woven in is another tale, and the two end up on a head on collision with each other, with a nice juicy twist at the end. These books flick between being first and third person, which can be a litttle disorientating at times. I missed Reacher's narration, I have to admit, even if I'm not such a great lover of first person usually. However, the third was needed here so that he could flick between the different places and stories. Not sure whether I like it as much or not. Still, it's well worth reading.

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