Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Dream involving Red

I really should have posted this earlier. I had a dream over the weekend, maybe Friday night I think, and it completely inspired me to write loads on the angel book I'm working on at the moment (provisionally titled To Touch Life, may change depending on whether what I originally thought would be a key idea remains a key idea). I was in PE at Wilfrids, in the sports hall, and there was this girl who had special needs, and we were playing ball for a while, then she had to leave. Then Red (he's one of the angels in my books, a captain) stood up, and this was so totally in character for him although I never really thought of it before, and said that people had been bullying her. He showed a clip of her all dressed up, with lovely curly blonde hair and the most gorgeous smile, explained that she had to have her hair cut short because she messed with it and tore at it too much, and that he wouldn't tolerate anybody bullying her. If they did, he'd come after them personally. He completely got everyone on her side, or at least, he got me on her side, and I felt so sorry for her. I might just have to stick a character like her in...

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