Friday, 6 March 2009


I hardly ever seem to write about college and stuff, so I will tonight. Especially since we've just moved into St Cecilia's which is our lovely new building. With lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of stairs. And I mean lots. Anyway... Had Sociology first thing, did a test on methodology. Not the greatest subject in the world. Oh, I grabbed a lift in with my dad since he left late, so I did a bit of work on Nutmeg Angel before college (my story). Then off to history, via the careers office and the admissions office in an attempt to hand in the stuff to go on a trip to Lancaster for a HE convention. Did a quiz and a mindmap, quite fun really. Especially the mindmap. I made it all fun and colourful this time. Normally mine end up tiny, but I did it in pencil crayons so I couldn't do it really small. Then dinner. Went to the library, worked on When All Was Fair cos I felt like doing a bit more writing. Then Maths. Integration, which I won't go into out of deference to those of you who hate the subject, but I thought it was pretty cool that you can work out the area under a graph between certain points just by adding powers and dividing and stuff that's really quite straightforward. Then I had a trek down the stairs, out St Mary's, across the road, into St Cecilia's and up two flights of stairs for English. But English was fun. We were talking about diversity and stuff. Kind of interesting to be honest. When she said PSHE I just thought 'oh great, that rot again', but it was fun. And we finished our poster with the amazing pirates on it. And then it was home time. And now I'm here. The end.

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