Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Winged Escort

Yeh, I've still not finished writing up all the books I read over half term. Never mind. This is one of two that're left. Try to finish this up soon.

It was really good. A bit confusing at first, but I got to understand it after a little while. I never realised they used biplanes in the Second World War, but it turns out they did. Struggled to put it down, had a nice little romance included, and plenty of action. Worth reading for sure, I'm glad I picked it up (just randomly, mainly because of the picture--I know you shouldn't pick books because of the cover, but I like books about airplanes, so I figured airplane picture on the front, can't go wrong really). By Douglas Reeman, made me want to read more of his if I can find any.

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