Saturday, 7 March 2009

New daily word record!

I've just set a personal best for number of words in a day today. I'm dead chuffed. Even though I'm actually further from finishing When All Was Fair than I was when I started writing this morning, thanks to an unexpected character showing up in Chapter 87...

I managed the grand total of: 12,606 words, in one day.

Now, the reason my poor ever growing, much neglected story When All Was Fair (I started it about this time last year, and have finished several other stories and started about a billion others in the mean time) is now further from finishing than it was at the beginning is the fault of a photographer who showed up to be flown around by Tommy and revealed that Tommy had saved his life during the War. I'd been toying with the idea of putting in some scenes of trench fighting into the story, and Lark gave me a great excuse to go ahead and start weaving in another story line. But I couldn't just have British folks telling their side of the story, because that would be biased and I'm kind of fed up of books that make out the Germans to be evil and the British/Americans to be amazing (although I have to admit I love the Biggles books). So I figured ok, I'll stick in a bunch of Germans on one side of the lines and a bunch of Brits on the other, like I've done for the pilots in Africa. Have used a couple of family connections to tie things together a bit preliminarily, will stick the stories more thoroughly together near the end. One of the aims I had with writing this story was to show both sides as equally good and equally bad, so I have some nasty Brits, some nasty Germans, and a very nasty lady called Erna who flirts with everyone, but I'm not telling you whose side she's working for because that's one of the big shocking revelations :D. Which is why I now have five sets of characters, all of whom are liable to throw random stuff into the mix. I'm also starting to think this might have to just cover one week, or it's going to get unmanageably big. It's nearly hit 125,000 words, and I've covered five days with the three original story lines and added in the first day and a little bit of the new story lines. But I'm thinking two days isn't going to be enough time to tie up all the loose ends I've created all over the place. I still have to let everyone know who Erna's working for for one thing.

But that can wait until tomorrow. For now, I'm just chuffed with how much I've done. And am hoping that it doesn't turn out to be one of these mammoth books that nobody can ever be bothered to read. I can always separate out the trench bit and turn that into another story that's linked in if need be.

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