Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Gran Torino

We won some free cinema tickets, needed to use them else they'd expire. Looking at the Odeon website, I happened to notice this one, since it had a really high rating. Never heard of it, never seen it advertised, but when I read the description, it sounded like my kind of film. A fifteen though, otherwise I would've perhaps invited Alex along, I bet he'd like it too. Wondered why it was a fifteen, figured it was maybe a bit scary, had a look at the comments that told you why it was a fifteen. Said that the f-word was used repeatedly. I was like 'yeh, that probably means about five times'. Turned out more like five times a second in some parts...

A very unpolitically correct film. Lot of racist jokes from the main character, but as the film progresses it becomes more a form of endearment than a real insult. Kinda stereotypical old style American guy. If you can ignore the swearing, it's pretty good. Got some morals and issues in it, which is nice, but it doesn't intrude on the story, which is basically a Romeo and Juliet without the romance, that being replaced with a kind of father like affection which grows between the two MCs. Worth watching. Although not if you take offence easily.

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