Saturday, 21 March 2009

The National Army Museum Book of The Crimean War

Non-fiction, as you can maybe tell from the title. Lot more informative than the text book, but then, it was just dedicated to the Crimean War and not to the Boer War and the First World War too. Plus I suspect it's slightly longer. Anyway, it's pretty good. The way they've integrated lots of quotes and chunks of diaries is nice, gives you the source material to work from yourself if you want to, and you can see where they're drawing the conclusions from. Interesting, and pretty well written. Very little about the nursing thing, which was a bit of a shame because that's part of what our exam is supposed to be on. Same with the journalists. But then again, it wasn't really specifically on that, it was more about the army itself. Understandable, given it was written by the National Army Museum people. Didn't put much emphasis on the Charge of the Light Brigade or the Thin Red Line, also not so great for the exam. However, as regards the general state of the war, very good. After all, a lot happened, that was just one day of it. So, worth reading if you've an interest. If not, it is a lot to plough through.

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