Sunday, 1 March 2009


Ok, this is one of the books I read over half term that I've been really behind/lazy about reviewing. It's about what happens when you take a massive truck through a small African country. Sounds kind of boring. I thought so too, but I figured well, it's by Desmond Bagley, it was 50p, I might as well read it. And I was glad I did. You see, when you add in the fact that this truck weighs about three hundred tons and is as long as a football pitch is wide... Then it starts to get kind of interesting. And when the country breaks out into Civil War and the massive truck gets used as a moving hospital and people start trying to kill each other. Well, then it gets very very interesting. I'm quite amazed at how exciting and amusing (at times) this book could be. It just goes to prove that you can write a book about anything and provided you throw in enough twists and whatever it can be very interesting.

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number1bloggerbabe said...

WOW! I've just stumbled across your profile and i'm jolly well glad i did! It's just amazing. The way you described the thrills of this book was fantastic and you're a fan of Desmond Bagley just like me too! I also loved your blog on hotmail and found it most entertaining. I'm so enthusiastic about reading your next blog, infact i cant wait! I will deffo be reading your published work in the future. Best of luck with your writing and remember God is with you, he's always in your heart, and he always will be. Peace to you my sister :)