Tuesday, 24 March 2009

If I was in a movie right now, what music would be playing?

Just found this random question on that plinky thing. Don't want to sign up for it, just want to find the questions and answer them every now and again. Not that I don't have sat next to me a long list of things I should be writing about. Anyway. What music would be playing?

I suspect it would have to be something up beat. I've had a good day. Lively. Slightly hyper perhaps, to go with the fact that I'm typing fast and am kinda in a mood where I want to get stuff done.

Music that goes along with my life: Love Today by Mika. Cool Police by Superhero.

Music I love: Most music. Stuff by Superhero. Most of Mika's songs. Delirious, especially Kingdom of Comfort CD. Stellar Kart's songs. Isle of Life album.

Music I hate: repetitive dance music. Why can't they think of any more words?!

And that's the end of my ramble about music.

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