Thursday, 12 March 2009

Day of steps...

Crazy day at college today. Had first lesson as normal--English language. Up on second floor of St Cecilia's, so went up there, which is miles and miles and miles of steps. Not literally, but there's more steps in that building than in any of the others. Then went into town, to pick up my new glasses, stopped off by the car boot and picked up a couple of books. Not the greatest idea in the world, they were pretty heavy. But still. Then down into the basement of St Augustine's to pick up my results. Then back to the main building, down to the canteen. Then up to maths in St Mary's. Then back down again for a half hour break. Then up to second floor of St Cecilia's again. Then down from there, stopped in the library for a bit cos Martin let us go early, then up to sociology, Dave wasn't so impressed with my results, so I'm retaking it. Then finished that early so went down to by the lake with a friend, which was down even more steps. Then back up all those steps and out to top floor of St Mary's. Then down again and hung out outside for a little bit. Then up to second floor St Cecilia's again. Then down all those steps and up to the top floor of St Mary's again. So I'm now kinda knackered. Hardly surprsing I guess.

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