Saturday, 14 March 2009

Remote Control

You will be pleased to know that I'm now onto the last of the books I read over half term.

Remote Control by Andy McNab is a very good book. It's the first in the Nick Stone series, but unfortunately I'd already read the third one, so I kind of knew roughly what was going to happen, which is never the best position to be in. You really do need to read this one first, otherwise it kind of gets spoilt and there's a nice tense moment but you already know the answer to it.

Plenty of twists involved, a very interesting book for sure. Lots of good, believable action. Part of the reason I really enjoyed it was because I knew it was accurate--Andy McNab was in the SAS and I've read his account of one of the patrols he was involved in. Really good stuff. It means you can enjoy the book even more, and it has that extra realism that comes from knowing things for sure rather than just guessing at what it would feel like (what I do, I admit it).

So, I'd recommend it, but you need to read this series in order. This is the first one, I've just checked, and it's pretty good.

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