Tuesday, 31 March 2009

First Ypres

A somewhat confusing book in the Osprey Campaign series (I seem to read a heck of a lot of those Osprey books). Whether this was down to the nature of the battle itself or the way the book was written, it's hard to say. It may also have been down to the fact that I put it down, read another book in the middle, and came back to it...

Anyway, it was well set out. More detail than perhaps I really wanted. The different armies involved got very confusing, would've helped to colour code which were allied troops and which were German troops. The plans and reasons for the battle was set out well, as was the explanation of the battle itself, though like I said, it did get a bit confusing.

I found the aftermath bit somewhat rushed and poorly done. Might've been better to miss that out entirely, rather than stick in very general points about the remainder of the First World War.

An interesting book, but unless you've a serious interest or are prepared to give it perhaps a bit more of a concentrated effort than I did, I wouldn't really recommend it.

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