Sunday, 22 March 2009

River of Death

So, I'm a pretty big fan of Alaistar Maclean, but this quite frankly wasn't his best. I'd read it before, but hadn't remembered it well enough to realise that I had until I was partway through. The twists weren't as spectacular as I'm used to from him, although it might have partially come from the fact that I'd read it before and could half remember what happened. Not as good as his others. Still good, and it's a decent enough book, shorter than most of his others too I think given by the fact that it didn't take me as long as usual to read, but not absolutely fantastic.

It's about an explorer who's found this amazing place and a business man who wants to get there, but the businessman is a Nazi and he wants to go there because an ex-friend stole from him and he's hiding out in this place. A decent enough tale, but like I said, not absolutely fantastic.

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