Sunday, 22 March 2009

Edexcel GCE History

I haven't finished reading this book, it's my text book for History AS-level. However, I think it's kinda important to warn the whole world about a glaring inaccuracy I have just discovered in it. A large portion of text under the heading Battle of Arras does not belong there. It is in fact talking about the Battle of Arras when it starts speaking about the Messines Ridge etc. I'm absolutely appalled. I found a similar inaccuracy, although perhaps on a slightly smaller and more understandable scale, in our Russia text books, where one of the major WWII battles it talked about was given the wrong year of commencement. I spotted it because I thought hey, the Germans only went into Russia about a month ago, how could they have gotten so far? Looked it up and discovered that the text book gave the date a year before it actually was. That's besides the poor layout of the books. But it really is a bit worrying when you start finding such innacurate information in the text book published by the exam board. Added to that the fact that they didn't even get the Russia books out until we were half way through the year and, well... Take care with them is my advice. Don't believe everything you read.

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