Thursday, 15 January 2009

10000 word day! Whoo!

Yeh. On Tuesday I didn't have to go into college in the morning, because you get the morning off if you have an afternoon exam, and then I didn't have to go to sociology after my exam either, so I had loads of time at home. So I did a lot of work on Random Story. And wrote just over 10000 words in a day. Which I'm pretty proud of. Last time I did it was also in January, a year ago. I think it was on the third or something, can't remember when exactly. But yeh, I'm chuffed. And the story is going well, apart from the odd bit or two which I'm going to have to fix. And I've had to make a spreadsheet of characters and call signs and proper names and stuff like that, and there is a pilot and navigator floating around who have not yet been named or appeared at all. Maybe they never will, maybe they're there but not really there. I don't know. Shall have to see what happens.

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