Friday, 30 January 2009

633 Squadron Operation Safeguard

I didn't realise they were still doing new ones. This one only came out two years ago! And there was me thinking that the series finished years ago and the author was dead. Shows how much I know. And also that you shouldn't judge a book by the cover and the fact taht it seems pretty old and so realistic that it sounds like it was written perhaps even during the Second World War. This book is remarkably well written, and the characters are so real, it seems as though they could step off the pages and greet you in the pub. And try to chat you up if you're wearing a skirt. I was a tiny bit upset by the fact that he introduced the two main characters of this one for such a short amount of time, it would've been nice to read about them again. But strangely, I didn't get all emotional at the ending, which kind of surprises me, but it just seemed right, if you know what I mean. I really want to read the other books of the series, but I can't seem to find them all. Never mind. Got it out the library today, had to walk home from the park and ride lugging it along with me because I got a load of books and they didn't all fit in my backpack with my college stuff and my parents didn't notice their phones going off asking for a lift, and I've finished it already. Not that it's a hugely short book, just that it's so good you don't particularly want to put it down and I suppose it is short in comparison to the Tom Clancy ones I've been reading. Well worth the trouble of finding them, the 633 Squadron books are really quite impressive. As evidenced by the fact I thought they were written far nearer the time. A lot of research must have gone into them. And the characterisation is really quite incredible. I suppose Frederick E Smith has got the whole 'show don't tell' business Martin's always talking about off to a fine art. In fact, it's pretty clear he has. So, I recommend you take the trouble of trying to find the 633 Squadron books. Even if war stories aren't really your thing, I think this one in particular speaks about things that go beyond just the action and excitement, which is well written, but goes even deeper into the moral rights and wrongs and so on, which is written even better if that's possible. Yeh, can you tell I like these books? In short: READ THEM! :D

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