Friday, 2 January 2009

Writing Update

So, I kind of started a new story. As if I don't have enough part finished already. But it was buzzing round my head and driving me mad. Inspired by Australia. I'm enjoying it so far. But that always happens. I'm liable to drop it after three days. In fact, I've got within half a dozen chapters of the end of a story (they were really short ones) and given up on it. Might redo it. It wasn't too bad, just mega redwally. I'll see what happens. I suppose the thing with it being inspired by Australia is that if I start to get stuck, I just pinch some ideas from the film. Which I've kind of done already. But still. It has my own take on it. Just think: Australia but with fantasy creatures. Yeh. Crazy. But could be quite fun.

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