Monday, 5 January 2009

Warmning up at last

Well, I set off for colege this morning, first day back, and froze on the way there. As well as nearly falling on my bum several times of course, but that's expected when the place is covered with ice. Didn't even make it down my driveway before I slipped. Slowed down my journey by about ten minutes, which was kind of annoying. Good job I left plenty of spare time, just in case. Nothing wrong with the theory of just in case. It works pretty well. Anyway, I was pretty chilly by the time I got to college, and then the stupid boiler was bust and apparently switching back on again. Yeh right. Froze in Critical Thinking, which is just about the worst lesson ever to be honest, apart from form which is just the utmost boringest thing ever. Then in Sociology, turns out that room's heating isn't working either. Mind you, that room's always pretty cold. Then Maths, back in St Mary's, heating still not working it would appear. Library was cold too at lunch. English lit classroom wasn't so bad mind, but then I was walking home again and getting cold over again. Still, home is nice and warm and cozy.

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