Friday, 16 January 2009

The Cardinal of the Kremlin (aka, why I'm absolutely shattered)

I was up till about half two reading this book last night, so I'm now somewhat knackered, and I'm going out tonight. It's our church Christmas meal (alright, so it's a bit late maybe, but still). It's really good. I was a little disappointed by the fact that Mr Clark didn't play more of a part, because he's such an awesome character, but it was a nice plot, and pretty realistic. I like the fact that you get the behind story of the operations and stuff, rather than just the action, although I do like action. A lot. Which was why I was a weeny bit upset Mr Clark didn't get more page space. Still. I really enjoyed it. The only other thing was that the blurb kind of spoilt it a bit, because it said that Ryan had to catch the guy going to betray Cardinal, and then he was 'betraying' him himself, but I knew he wasn't already. Would've been quite interesting, even though I don't really have any doubts about his integrity, if I hadn't known that it was all a big plot. Worth reading for sure, despite the fact that it's pretty long. And therefore kept me up until half two. Although it has to be said, I managed to force myself to stop reading, tried to sleep and failed for ages, and gave up in the end.

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