Saturday, 31 January 2009

Frog Dream

I have been ordered not to tell my brother about this as it would probably freak him out. Anyway, we were going camping, and at first we were sleeping in tents, but then it was really the caravan (several times larger than reality because most of the youth group at church seemed to be there as well as my parents and brother and me) and someone warned us about frogs. In the morning, we discovered what they meant when James got fed up of waiting for the bathroom and decided to go to the toilet block. He opened the awning up, and there were frogs everywhere, and I mean everywhere. They literally coated the ground. And then one jumped on him, and he screamed and squealed. We pushed him out and mum warned him not to wear socks, because otherwise they'd get frog juice on them, because he was having to walk on top of frogs to get anywhere, squishing them. It was pretty horrible. And freaky.

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