Thursday, 15 January 2009

Stupid Form

Humph. Form/tutor/whatever you want to call the pointless wasted hour where you sit and listen to a woman with a boring voice blather about university choices and what you need to look at, is the most stupid thing in the universe. If it wasn't for form and critical thinking (sometimes), college would be perfect. However, I accept that nothing in life is perfect. And there is a lot less wasted time at college than there was at high school, I have to admit. Still. It would be nice if my form tutor could find some interest in what she's talking about, and then maybe it would be more interesting to us. The content is just fine. She just takes a little too long to go through it (bearing in mind we're supposed to be Gifted and Talented form, and she treats us like we scarcely have enough power to collectively power a lightbulb. Although maybe we wouldn't. I don't think brains power lightbulbs. But you know what I mean. I hope). Anyway. Form/tutor is pointless. But never mind. I'll survive.

On a different note, I was amused by the fact that two of my friends have way more in common than I'd ever realised, because the three of us sat together at lunch, with me being the one who actually knows both of them pretty well. I don't know why I'm writing this. Never mind. Shall go do some work on Random Story I think. It still doesn't have a name.

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