Saturday, 24 January 2009

Tenpin Bowling and MacDonalds. And the Works is closing down...

Went to Tenpin bowling today with some friends from college. Well, a friend from college/bookclub and her friend. Anyway, it was good fun. Managed somehow or other to win! How I don't know. Enjoyed it. Scored 87 points. Which isn't bad, although we did have the sides up. Went to MacDonalds after, which was kind of fun. Food wasn't too bad either. Wandered into town. The Works is closing down! *sobs* I like the Works. Good shop. Oh well. I got a book in the clearance thing, on WWII airplanes. Pity they didn't have anything on WWI, but there never seems to be anything on those airplanes, even though they were way more interesting. In some respects. I've recently come to find an interest in jets and stuff though. Blame Top Gun for that. And Random Story, which was inspired by Top Gun. Still. Interesting stuff.

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