Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year!!

I suppose I should really have posted yesterday, but I didn't really have chance... Got home at about half three, went out again about four, got back in about half seven, went to bed at half eight. And what, you ask, was I doing that meant I spent so much time out the house? And only getting in at half three... Well, I went to Phil and Nicky's on New Year's Eve, to a party, and then slept over because mum and dad and James all wanted to go home earlier. There were seventeen of us in total who slept there--thirteen more than usual. Well actually, I suppose not really more than usual, I swear there always seems to be someone at their house, but thirteen more than the number who technically live there. We played that game where you stick a word on someone's back and they have to guess it, and I got The Fifth Ammendment. I did get there in the end and work out what it was. Plus we had some riddles to work out, which was good fun, and then a really, really hard quiz. Then it was midnight, so we all set off party poppers (apart from the rest of my family, who'd gone home about tennish) and hugged each other. Then tried to work out how many hugs if everyone hugged everyone else once. Hmm... Then we played a couple of games of Articulate, which was great fun. A little like pictionary, only you describe things with words instead of drawing them. Great game. We started going to bed about five in the morning, but we had to sort out duvets and pillows and stuff because there were a lot of people there, and so it was probably about six when I finally got to sleep. Got up at eleven, cooked breakfast (yummy!), talked and stuff, came home. Then went to see Australia with James and Hannah and Alex. Then home again and I was shattered so I just crawled into bed. Hardly surprising.

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