Friday, 2 January 2009


This is the most amazing film ever! And I mean it. My new favourite for sure. Used to be a tie between Over the Hedge and The Dark Knight. But definitely Australia now. It is absolutely awesome. It takes the best bits from westerns, romances, action/war, and adventure and combines them all together to make an absolutely marvellous film. Don't let the fact that it's three hours long put you off. I was gripped throughout, and this despite the fact I was knackered having had about four hours sleep the previous night. Nullah, a half cast child, is very sweet and interesting, and parts of the story come from his eyes. Lady Ashleigh is played very well, and I liked her character, but my favourite was definitely Drover, a reluctant hero, a tough cattle herder who is roped into helping Lady Ashleigh save the farm left by her husband. It could be split into two films I suppose, but it works so well as one that I don't see the point, and it gives you such a better appreciation of the characters. Drover is amazing. I don't know what else to say, except that you really have to watch it. I came out and wanted to go straight back in and watch it all over again.

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