Wednesday, 21 January 2009

History Rant

Yeh, I just figured I'd get it off my chest here, rather than exploding elsewhere. Probably a wise move. I'm just really annoyed about a couple of things. For one, my history teacher said she'd mark our mock exams over the holidays if we e-mailed them to her, and then she'd send us back the marks and give us more detailed feedback on the day we came back. Still not marked them, or if she has, she hasn't told me about it. Wonder if she ever will bother now. Then she set us loads of homework. Two one page profiles on 'important' people (Roger Fenton and William Russell) which was actually kind of hard, especially William Russell because he shares his name with about a million people, one of whom was a lord and alive at the time of the Crimean War, so I had to be pretty careful getting info for that, and we had a couple of source questions to do, and she told us to watch this forty-five minute film clip she'd put on moodle. That's a lot of work, you have to admit, especially when you consider it's not actually that long since we did the exam. I did all of it, apart from the film, which I watched the first half of, decided to watch the second half the next day and she changed the name of it. Got to lesson on Tuesday, and she said 'who's done the biographies, show me', and I was one of two people who'd done it. Ok, maybe half a dozen or so had missed the previous lesson because of exams, but still. That still makes it about 20% who'd done the work she set. And she just said she'd be nagging them about it. Which she hasn't done today. Oh well. Such is life. It was pretty interesting, researching those two guys, I have to admit. And I got to give Notebook a proper try, and it was pretty useful I have to say. Apparently it's being scrapped, which is crazy. It's a great application.

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