Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Sum of All Fears

Another Jack Ryan book by Tom Clancy. You'll get fed up of me reviewing these sooner than I get fed up of reading them. Anyway, it was very good. I liked the fact that he didn't stop the bomb going off and stuff, and how detailed the stuff with the nuclear bomb was. It was incredibly believable and realistic. The fact that I love the character of Mr Clark leads me to say he was perhaps underutilised again, especially near the start of the book, although he did get a bit of a look in nearer the end. I was annoyed by the blurb again though. It gives away way too much. Ok, I know that if you go by proportions, giving away stuff that happens maybe half way through the book, maybe a little beyond, isn't such a big deal. But when the book is a thousand pages long, that's a bit far in to start giving details of the plot away as far as I'm concerned. It did have a good plot though. A nuclear bomb, set off by terrorists but made to look as though it were the Russians (I'm giving away no more than the blurb here), an incompetant president... Anyway, worth reading. Trying to work out the chronology of these books is hard though. I think there's another one between this and Executive Orders, which is the next along that I have. Hmm, Fantastic Fiction isn't loading at the moment. Oh well, I'll check later. Or just get on and read Executive Orders (I've already started it, but stopped to read ones that came before after I got them, because it seemed logical to me, and so I kind of suspect there's another in between). Anyway, it's a good book, worth the time it takes to read it, although it did feel like it took a while to really get started. And I almost found myself favouring the president over Jack at one point. But I guess that's how you make characters realistic, by not making them perfect.

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