Sunday, 18 January 2009

When All Was Fair, The Battalion, and Random Story

Well, I'd figured a while ago that I needed a different name for The Desert Rat, because it didn't actually fit the story any more. It fitted my original idea of what the story would be about, but not the reality. Anyway. It's now called When All Was Fair, which I think suits it much better. I've also had a really good idea involving Cowboy and the Princess and stuff as a prequel to what I'm writing just now, which I'd call The Battalion. However, I still have no title for Random Story. So I guess it just remains Random Story for now. Maybe I'll figure it out after I finish. Which hopefully I will do. Be pretty neat if I could say I'd written it in less than a month. Let me think, I started it Friday before last. I'm just over 50000 words now, which is getting towards the length mine usually finish at. As far as I know. Having said that, I've not typed up Broken Sky or Chain Heart or Twisting Fate, and I haven't finished editing Winged Fire which is growing significantly and When All Was Fair is over 100000 and still nowhere near finished. I think I've realised why books set during the war tend to be pretty long. Especially books set during the war and after the war. First World War in this instance. I've only really read Second World War apart from the Biggles ones which got me hooked on First World War aviation. There is surprisingly little information available on that, in book form at any rate. There you go though, that's life. I gotta watch a forty-five minute film for history soon, and do two source questions, and I've already done a load of other work. Humph. She seems to think we have nothing better to do. And she never even marked our mocks, and we've had the exam now so she probably won't ever. Double humph. Gonna go do some more work on Random Story I think. The pace is starting to slow down a little, but I want to keep getting it out, getting it written. I can sort out little plot details and contradictions later. For now, I just want it written.

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