Saturday, 10 January 2009

Naomi's Birthday--The Olive Press

I felt a bit stupid when we found the restaurant. I've walked past it a couple of times and not even noticed it was there... Then again, I tend to eat at the market or greggs when I'm in Preston, so it's not really that surprising I didn't look for it. Food was really good. It was great to see everyone again especially. We talked and ate and talked and talked and ate and... You get the picture I'm sure. Great fun. Nice and relaxing after the two stupid exams I had to sit through. Now, what speck did I do for maths. Ooops, that's the wrong spelling of spec. No matter. The spell check thingy doesn't like the other. But it doesn't like thingy either. Ok, enough random rambling about nothing. :D I think it was OCR. A different one to Naomi at any rate, because when we tried to compare notes I was like 'don't remember that question'. Never mind. Hopefully I did all right. Maths teacher rewarded us in lesson with sudoku, which is like the best stuff ever... Although Killer Sudoku is the best of that bunch. So much fun! This is nothing to do with what I started talking about. Never mind. James has just bellowed at me nastily--gotta go. Post later I guess.

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